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Your ride begins as you stroll through an old southwestern town that may have been the site of a once exciting community filled with law-abiding citizens and happier times. The town has been deserted for some time now, but one often wonders what may have caused this town to suddenly dry up and wither away like snakeskin.
negative fiesta stomach 1st drop
Hold on casa gullet ghost town spine
As you walk down the planked storefronts you turn the corner and see the reason why this town can no longer be found on a topographical map. The green serpent that erased all traces of humanity rises 110 feet above the monastery, which, to the looks of it, became a safe haven for the occupants of the town in its’ dying days. It’s your turn to ride this venomous reptile and tame the world's 1st coaster to include a 360-degree heartline roll and two special inversions reaching, not one but two, negative G's. Although this beast looks tame, it injects an incredible sting leaving one slithering out of the station only to return again for that lethal injection. There is no antidote for Viper. Located to the left of the fountain. Minimum 54'' to ride.



Year Built



Maximum Height

Track Length



Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ


Togo International


88 feet

1670 feet

48 mpg