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If you want themeing, then this is your ride. Wait, I meant line. Like I have mentioned before, Six Flags knows how to keep you entertained while waiting in lines. Video stations, props, bridges and music from rocks of all things are placed strategically throughout your trek so you forget about time ratios (wait vs. ride). Well, Skull Mountain has more of that and then some. The line winds around a Stanley Livingston safari mis-adventure. One must look down and notice the fossils embedded in the walkways. It looks like the natives didn't take kindly to the invaders and you can only imagine that this is the way Somalia went down. Land vehicles have been ambushed, riddled with arrows and signs of a struggle. A boiling crock-pot awaits those who venture deep into the bush. Local cannibals keep you on your toes as you meander your way to the roller coaster that will transport you to safety...or does it? Back seat is best. 1996 addition. This roller coaster is not based on gravity. It is powered by Linear Induction Motors (LIN). Similar to the high-speed trains in Europe. Electro-Motors propel the cars from zero to 50 mph in 5 seconds. This ride has no inversions. I believe they wanted an Euro-Disney Space Mountain (in-the-dark looping coaster) but alas, this ride is far from it. Don't expect much. Look around during your wait. Take in the sites. Take Skull Mountain for what it's worth. I don't want to hear negative comments as I climb out of my train. Move on, keep your comments to yourself. No one likes complainers. This ride is fun. To the right of the fountain.