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The park also houses the largest drive-through safari, outside of Africa, in the world. You must witness a rhino move at 30 mph, view a gaggle of geese, muster some peacocks, inspect a troop of kangaroos, break up a gang of elk, take pride in the lions, listen to a band of gorillas, or even ride by a drove of cattle or sheep, to name a few.

Remember, "Keep All Windows Up and Don't feed the Animals". The Safari opens at 9am, but it takes more than an hour to go through. If you decide to visit this section in the morning when it opens, then you won't be in line for the "Flag Drop". DO THE SAFARI later on when the lines get longer. This generally happens at around 1-2pm. You must drive your car through or you can take the Safari Bus.  Remember, you cannot enter with a convertible.  Soft tops are not a good idea as well.  If that is all you have, then do not drive into the Monkey padlock.