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Woody - Out - and - Back Coaster, with zero inversions. Race over hills on this classic, dual-track wooden coaster. You can hear the rest of the riders giggling over the screeching metal-on-metal at each and every turn. The lack of oil on the rails has given Rolling Thunder the nickname, Screeching Thunder. The ride is especially exciting if the operators send both trains simultaneously. Competitive cheers of "Go Blue-Go Red" are heard from each train as excited patrons vie to place first in the Rolling Thunder Derby. Either the front or back seat is great, although the backseat provides more airtime.

The sensation of being lifted out of your seat is common on Rolling Thunder. Donít worry the lap bar will hold you in. The coaster has great airtime and provides two distinctly different rides. Once you enter the queuing lines, you are required to make a decision. I prefer going left after Foghorn-Leghorn, this side has better drops and more air-time. Must be at least 44'' tall. Located to the left of the fountain.