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There's Gold in them thar hills, but at what price? Sutter's Mill mine train careens out of control though the woods and over the water barely making it back to safety with the goods. Riding R.M.T. might be difficult for tall patrons. When entering the train cross your legs under the seat. Apparently whoever designed this coaster only had kids in mind. I, however like to try everything and like to keep an open mind. I like this coaster, it doesn't have a big lift hill. It doesn't have any inversions. It doesn't go faster than most coasters etc. etc, but it is still a fun ride. Let me just say, I appreciate all coasters, but I have a question. What's the big deal about inversions? If six flags could build a hyper coaster or even a large woody, then I'll stay happy. Other than the folks at B&M or sometimes Arrow, most coasters who boast inversions are boring. Lets keep it simple. Don't get me wrong, I love GASM, but drops are more important in my opinion. Anyway, wait in line for this one . . at least once. Kids under 42" must be accompanied by an adult. Located to the left of the fountain.