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the stats medusalogo1.jpg (74642 bytes) the photos

The story behind the stats and photos...

The most Beautiful women always have others who hate them.

Medusa was such a woman.  Way back when, the time eludes me, women were #1.  Actually they were behind Gods and Goddesses but above mortal men.

Athena was it..!  She was a Goddess and Medusa was just a regular women (sources differ little about this).

One day that all changed.  The most beautiful woman appeared.  Her name was Medusa,  Ruler of North Africa or maybe Northeast Africa, somewhere around there.  Her skin was radiant and the sun shone down upon her while the wind advertised her beautiful reddish-brown hair.

Athena, always number one on the marquee, suddenly became second fiddle.  Men wanted Medusa, a mere mortal over a Goddess!  Jealousy soon followed.

All the while, Poseidon, a friend of Medusa, was trying to seduce Medusa to no avail.  One day Poseidon, King of the Seas, decided that he had had enough.  He thought he had invested enough time into the relationship and he figured he could have her.  Medusa was only a friend and would have none of that, but Poseidon raped her anyway. 

Not only was the deed horrendous, it took place in the Temple of Athena.

Athena finally had her revenge and turned Medusa's hair, her best attribute, into a wreath of snakes.  She wanted everyone to hate Medusa and placed the curse "To all men who look upon you, turn to stone".

This curse was going well, Athena thought.  Medusa could never have another man.  But to Medusa this was bliss.   Remember she was raped by Poseidon, so this curse was a blessing to Medusa.   She wanted to hate men and hate men she did. 

Anyway, men started to disappear.   The rumor was that Medusa was so beautiful that men would never leave her side.   Actually, men were turning to stone.  This fact never came back so men continued to lust after Medusa even only just to glance upon her beauty.  Hundreds of men became statuettes outside her home, a cave. 

Athena's plan wasn't working, she was losing men, so she decided to have her killed.  She hired a man named Perseus to cut off her head to prove to everyone that she was a mortal.  This jealous deed soon would move women back into 2nd place behind men.  So that is the story.

The hero Perseus, with the help of the deities Hermes and Athena, sought Medusa and found her home.  He also saw all the stone figures of men outside her cave.  He had taken a shield to do battle with Medusa.  He had heard a rumor that whoever gazed upon Medusa would turn to stone so he decided to use the shield as a mirror since he witnessed all the stone figures.   One night he crept up on her while she slept and cut off her head using the reflection in the shield to aim the sword. 

The story continues, but that is for another time. 

One other thing, the winged horse Pegasus sprang from her dead body.  Son of Poseidon, you know, the one who robbed Medusa of her virginity by raping her.  Who knows, maybe the next coaster project will be called Pegasus.


Introduced: April 2, 1999

142 feet

Length: 3,985 feet
Weight: 1,100 tons
Top Speed: 61 mph
Ride Duration: 3 minutes, 15 seconds
Inversions: 7 -   Curved Loop, Vertical Loop, Dive Loop, Zero-G Roll, Cobra Roll (2 inversions), and Corkscrew.
Seating Capacity: 8 rows of 4 seats
Colors: Lime yellow/green track with purple support structure.
Special Features: Car without chassis or body, floorless chair on top of track. Lots of space between rows makes it feel less like a train

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