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Main Street Sections
Adventure Rivers

SFGAD also hosts an array of water rides throughout the park that will drench you with excitement, but most notably is Adventure Rivers (AR). The AR section is located to the right of the fountain. "This river don't go to Aintry".

Six Flags - Water Rides

Congo River Rapids
Log Flume


Originally, this park was dryer than Death Valley, but new & exciting rides have been added to ensure there wouldn't be a dry eye in the place. AR offers twelve exhilarating water rides representing the great rivers of the world. From the wild Zambezi in Africa to the Irrawaddy River in Asia, guests will slide away waterlogged.


Navigate your way through vertical curves and tunnels on this 30 foot two person raft ride. Under 42'' must be accompanied by an adult.


Experience Irrawaddy Riptide where you'll splash down a 40-foot high chute in a five person boat. Under 42'' must be accompanied by an adult.


This special area features 3,000 square feet of splashy fun for kids 54'' and under. Kids will find Snowy River, which runs 500 feet in length and has a padded, participatory play area. A two ton crocodile guards Croc Cove and a life size Kangaroo squirts water on our Guests.


Let's pretend you are on a log flume ride, any log flume ride, and sitting next to you are not just 2 or 3 or 4 other people, but 19. Plus instead of falling the standard 35 to 50 feet into a pond below, you plunge 60 feet into a lake. The splash will keep you wet for about 3 weeks! Also, you know all of that cheap theme stuff to get your mind off the drop? Well there's none of that here! Similar to Congo Rapids, the line can get well over an hour long on hot days, and is rarely under 30 minutes any other time.


That was just a brief list of these cool rides. More flume type rides are located throughout the park that you can soak up and remain cool.