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What's in a name??? Just one look at this monster and you'll understand. You can't miss it. The behemoth rises above the parking lot. Made by Arrow Industries of Clearfield Utah, this huge Red and White structure is one of the highest, longest, and fastest coasters in the world. Red, White and Blue trains make for a patriotic theme as you muster up nerves to conquer this structure. Once on board you climb the long lift hill with just enough time for your imagination to wander to some sort of disaster film. Then, the train dives to the left and falls 155 feet immediately into one of the seven deadly loops. Moments before going into the second half of the experience, riders are centrifuged against a left banking turn as they enter the braking station for the batwing and corkscrew roll. This turn will leave you senseless and giddy the rest of the journey. I guess that is why they decided to place the photobank within the batwing. On the way out, check your photo. Remember what color train your were on. Must be minimum 54'' tall. This is located to the left of the Fountain.







Maximum Height:

Track Length:

Top Speed:

The Great American
Scream Machine

Six Flags,
New Jersey

Arrow Dynamics



173 feet

3800 feet

68 mph