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Six Flags Great Adventure

Great Adventure

"So let it be ridden . . . so let it be fun."

Adding zest to your marriage is what everyone searches for and sometimes they never find it. My wife and I have found a great form of therapy that's not for everyone. We never knew that we both craved the adrenaline rush one gets from hanging upside down while traveling at speeds in excess of 60 mph, but we do, and the place we go to get our fix is at Six Flags, Great Adventure (SFGAD) in nearby Jackson, New Jersey. We have scored with our connection over 15 times in the last three years and each time is a new adventure for us. Every year the park erects a new and different, chemical releasing, mind boggling, coaster to its legion of scream machines. The park also houses the 2nd largest drive-through safari, outside the Serengeti, in the world.  Remember, Keep All Windows Up and Don't feed the Animals.

You must be at least 54" to ride most of the roller coasters. Six Flags has 16 parks for you to enjoy in twelve locations throughout the U.S., making Six Flags the largest regional theme park company in the United States. Six Flags, owned by Premier Parks,  will host over 39 million guests this year. Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey is considered to be one of the best parks in the Six Flags Community.  Every year they add new and exciting rides. This means if you went only two years ago many things have changed dramatically. Six Flags is located just off Rt. 195 that runs east to west intersecting with Rt. 95 at exit 7a.  While on Rt. 195 take it slow. It is normal to speed up as you approach your destination, but the last 17 miles from Rt. 95 is packed with The Garden State's finest and they will stop you at a mere 57 mph. A ticket will ruin your day so be patient! You will see the signs approximately five miles out. You can't miss it. Ideally, the best days to visit the park are Tue, Wed, Thu, Mon, Fri, Sun, Sat, respectively. The park opens most days at 10am. Be there at 9:15 - 9:30. The lines form between this time. Don't be late for the opening of the park, you will regret it. One-two hour waiting lines are not uncommon during the weekends, so plan to get most rides in before 12 noon. Floorless, LIM's,  Suspended, Heartline, Dualing,  Helix, Steel, Wood, Runaway...  

Why am I going on?.

2001 is the year for Season Tickets...

...Oh yea, I forgot one, hyper!



Located within this Koster Koran are directions to the attractions. The fountain just inside the main entrance is the focal point for all directions.

SFGAD is a large park that might be daunting to anyone who braves it. I have put together this web page to help you navigate your way through the best park in the Northeast. I hope you find as much enjoyment as my wife and I do. If you decide to go, then plan to take down important information found within this web page.

So, pull the Lap Bar down and hold on…Dispatch!