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"Holy Arctic Anarchy Batman"

This 1997 addition, Batman & Robin - The Chiller was developed by Phoenix Rides, the creator of Paramount's, The Outer Limits: Fear of Flight. As you may recall, the Outer Limits attraction won top honors in two categories at the November 1995 International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show: 1) Major Theme/Amusement Park Ride Attraction, and 2) Technology Applied to Amusements. Well, this is phase II. This 1st steel, inverted, dueling coaster, based on the fourth installment of the Batman series, has two flight paths for you to choose from. Yes, it is a dueling Roller Coaster but with a twist. Each superhero will grab you and launch you into terror. Once you hear that unmistakable BANG it's too late to say no. Each train explodes out of the Freeze Chamber accelerating to 70 miles per hour in just four seconds. The Launch, as it is referred to, is the most terrifying thing I have been on. The train rockets out of the indoor station at such force your head gets pinned against the cushion and your skin is pulled back from your face. For a brief second you wished you hadn’t climbed aboard, but then again being a super hero is no dull day. The wall of steel fast approaches as your train finally shoots straight up at 70 miles per hour avoiding a near collision with the superstructure. This speed is needed to escape the Freeze Generator in which the evil Mr. Freeze has stymied Gotham City. You along with your favorite superhero are the only hope for this plague-ridden metropolis from the evil doers. Inside the freeze chamber you will have to choose:

The Batman side is to the right in which the Caped Crusader launches you 139 feet straight up into the stratosphere, pausing for a moment and then dropping back to Earth in a 90 freefall. Then screaming you up a 45 heartline, twist incline all the way up to 200 feet. Or take the "Boy Wonder's" course that provides more inversions and a longer track. You're not done yet. You just have a second to catch your breath as you relive your escape. . . backwards! This ride is a real horror show. I prefer the Batman side. Must be at least 54'' to ride. Located to the right of the fountain.







"Batman" 1,137 feet

1,229 feet

139 feet


105 feet




70 Miles Per Hour

Approx. 200 feet

Two trains seating 20 riders each 1,600 guests per hour Phoenix Rides