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 Flying Home  1st Loop Calling Batman! Dive..Dive  Twist and Shout 
The Power Station Movie Town Bat's eye View Bruce Wayne

"Alfred............................... To The Bat Cave".

  Ominous   Gotham Commons Panoramic    

Imagine yourself on a ski lift climbing up to the summit enjoying the views, then something goes wrong. Your ski lift begins to careen wildly out of control flipping you around in many different directions. Now imagine that it travels at speeds more than 50 miles per hour, twisting and turning you inside out five times. Well, this is how Bolliger & Mabillard want you to feel. This 1993 addition to the park from the Swiss duo has provided many thrills and chills for its brave patrons. This ride takes you out into the Gotham City skyline in an inverted coaster. Gotham City's motto is: Building Toward a Better Tomorrow, and this ride proves worthy of Commissioner Gordon's choice for law and order.

Batman the Ride reigns supreme in my book and the themeing is well thought out too. One must wander through Gotham City's beautifully landscaped park (Gotham Commons) only to realize that under the utopian world lies dirt and scum. Corruption has spread throughout this metropolis and the people have turned a blind eye. As you enter the sewers of Gotham City, you realize that $$ slated for the renovations has been lining pockets of undesirables who are tasked to hide the filth under layers of grime. You must perform your civic duty as a member of this fair city. Enter the main drain, step into the shoes of a super hero and restore power to the people who have entrusted you to maintain justice and order.

The themeing is great. One must look closely at all the props they have under the city. Pipes that carry the water to homes have been painted in a two tone color scheme that resembles rust.  I now hear that the Batman is being repainted for the 2001 season.  It looks as if Movie Town will get a monster coaster for 2001 maybe associated with Batman.  At any rate, running to get to the new SuperHeroCoaster you will have to pass Batman, or close to it.  You get to the Batman by taking a right at the Fountain located at the main entrance, then follow the mob to Movie Town. The Batman has a model of the Bat Mobile in front. If you get to this ride at 10:01 then you can ride it (front) three times in less than an hour. I suggest this is the way to go. Front meaning you can wait in a separate line for the front on all roller coasters. The Batman is an inverted roller coaster so if you choose to ride in the 2nd row or further back you won't be able to see anything because of the nature of the ride. All chairs in front of you will block the view. Trust me, best seat. Brave soldier! Minimum 54'' to ride.

Name: Location: Constructor: Year Built: Type:
Batman The Ride

Six Flags Jackson, NJ

Bolliger & Mabillard 1993 Inverted
Maximum Height: Track Length: Top Speed:


105 feet 2693 feet 50 mph