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White Lightning  

Riverside's Oldest

Looking @ 1st Drop  

This coaster, which incidentally is the oldest on site, happens to be a great coaster. Thunderbolt is basically a mid-range cyclone type coaster built in 1941. The coaster cruises in and around itself many times and has plenty of air-time for such a relatively small coaster. The wooden Thunderbolt rises 70 feet above the ground sporting a brand new paint job. You know that old saying, "They don't make 'em like they used to." Well, that statement is perfect in this situation. With all the new wooden coasters coming out now-a-days, it is hard to beat the coasters of the past. Of course the new breed has better heights, faster speeds, and even longer circuits, the Thunderbolt understands this, but doesn't take itself too serious.  What's so good about bragging rights and how it looks on paper? If it doesn't perform well (Skull Mountain) then all those weighty terms mean nothing.   Thunderbolt was built by the original owners of Riverside Park and it still stands proud today even after 57 some odd years.  Hopefully the new owners, Six Flags, ensures that this relic remain a part of our lives for years to come.

From the Cyclone

Facing Cyclone

Approaching the 1st Drop