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Mind Eraser

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With the purchase of Riverside Park in 1996, Premier Parks was on its way in becoming the worlds largest amusement parks chains. They looked at Riverside Park and knew that people were lacking one main ingredient and that was a first class coaster in New England. Now remember, the Cyclone was built 13 years earlier and it seemed that the novelty wore off and the New England people wanted more. We needed proof. Well, in 1997 there was joy in Mudville again.  They loaded $22 million into Riverside and thus began a step in the right direction. The main addition to it's roller coaster arsenal was called mind eraser.  The Mind Eraser from Vekoma Inc. was built between the fall of 1996 and spring 97 and opened during the 97 season. The Mind eraser is a two seater inverted coaster with 5 Mind Erasing inversions and a 115 foot lift hill. This coaster has propelled Riverside back to the top as it was in the early 1900's. Every day during the 1997 season, except for weather, the park was packed with hungry thrill seeking individuals wanting to ride the new coaster. Mind Eraser is everything it was hyped up to be and then some. Mind Eraser is always crowded so get there early. Even on weekdays, people still come to ride.

The P2 people have made us very happy and much more is in store for Riverside Park.  Actually, for the 2000 season, Premier has transformed riverside park into Six Flags, New England.
From Colossus Facing the Station

Connecticut River (Riverside)

The underbelly