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Do not judge a book by its cover. This is what I was thinking after riding the Cyclone at Six Flags, New England.  This wood monster doesn't even look like a threat, but guess what? It is!  Opened for the 83' season, Cyclone is still top ten material (east coast) even after 15 years. Why? Well for one thing, Cyclone Screams! No matter what car you decide to take, Cyclone will have you shaking.  It begins with the classic clickity clack of the lift hill chain and then you're off.  From the ground, the first drop does not look impressive, as a matter of fact, it barely goes 1/2 way down.  That's the beauty.  Cyclone always lulls riders into a false sense of nostalgia.  This thing, a little old, always packs a timely reality slap.  Cyclone is good!

There is only one problem with this coaster...they only have two trains and most of the time only one is operating. Plan to ride this early as the wait could last hours.

Another observation...

When Six Flags, NE are short of Coaster Operators they decide to close the Cyclone.  Bad decision.  Leave this thing open!