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Into the Web Black Widow 

The Main Loop

This coaster has been removed
In with the New Name (
Six Flags)...Out with the bad.


When it first came out in 1977, was a formidable contender in the ranks of the new steel breed.  However, BW has seen its day. Six Flags has removed it and replaced it with a similar coaster.

BW lives somewhere else.  It is an Arrow Shuttle Loop Coaster.  What this means, by my definition, is that there can only be one train running at once, which increases the wait.  One must climb the 4 or 5 flights of stairs just to get to the loading dock.  After running around the park most of the day, climbing BW's stairs puts great pressure on your muscles.  Plus during the summer months Oxygen tanks are needed once you get to the top. . . OK, so you board the train, everyone gets strapped in and the train is hydraulically propelled along a straight piece of track immediately plunging into one vertical loop and climbing back to a straight piece of track, identical to the portion you just left.  The train comes to an end and then you do the whole thing in reverse.  The ride is very short, but the feeling as you drop into the loop is thrillng.

BW in this day and age resembles a portion of track that may have been removed from a larger coaster because it really didn't fit or thrill anyone.

The Shuttle Coaster has become a Dinosaur as the new breed of coasters keep evolving.  One good point about BW is that it is one reason that there are so many great rides now-a-days, but her day is gone.