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Get Set
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That unmistakable clickity-clack sound as the coaster ascends the hill, the smell of aged wood, the sway of the train on its tracks, all of those special ingredients that make up the classic American wooden roller coaster can be found on The Racer.

Paramount's Kings Island’s first world class coaster, the Twin Racer debuted when the park opened in 1972 and has been thrilling riders ever since. The Racer was influential in reviving the country’s interest in roller coasters. In 1982, The Racer became the world’s first roller coaster with one train traveling forward racing and another train running backwards. Over six-thousand feet of track that make up The Racer will send you over its contours at a breathtaking 55 miles per hour, carrying you through some great coaster history.

In true wooden coaster fashion, The Racer still remains one of the best loved coasters in America! Experience the classic that has withstood the test of time at Paramount's Kings Island!


Length of Ride: 2 minutes, 30 seconds
Length of Track: 3,415' (6,830', double track)
Length of First Hill: 88'
Angle of First Hill: 45-degrees
Speed at Bottom of First Hill: 55.3 miles per hour
Fastest Speed: 61 miles per hour
Number of Trains: 4 (2 travel in backwards direction)
Construction: Designed by John Allen of Philadelphia Toboggan Co. -- constructed by Kings Island
Location: Coney Mall
Basic Material: Wood
Acres Covered: 5
Cost: $1.2 million
Opening Date: April, 1972
Capacity: 2,640 riders per hour
Interesting Facts: The Racer was the first wooden roller coaster to turn around one of its trains, to travel in the backwards direction. This occurred in 1982