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Marking its 10th anniversary in 1994, King Cobra, was the first stand-up looping roller coaster in America when introduced at Paramount's Kings Island over a decade ago.

Designed by Togo Inc. of Japan, this stand-up steel phenomenon takes adventurers through a 360-degree loop and a 66-foot wide helix at up to 50 miles per hour! One million pounds of steel were used to construct this thrilling two-minute ride.

The King Cobra will take you on an unforgettable slithering journey like no other coaster can. Don’t miss your chance to experience America’s first looping stand-up coaster!


Type of Coaster: Steel, single track with two loops
Length of Ride: 2 minutes
Length of Track: 2,210'
Height of Lift: 95'
First Loop: 360-degree vertical, 66' high
Second Loop: 540-degree horizontal, banked at 80-degrees, sending riders virtually parallel to the ground
Speed: 50 miles per hour
Trains: 2, 24 passengers each
Safety Restraints: Lap bars and electric restraints around shoulders of riders
Capacity: 1,250 per hour
Location: Adventure Village
Acres Covered: 2
Designer and Manufacturer: Togo Inc., Tokyo Japan
Construction: Kings Island Engineering and Construction Department
Length of Construction: 10 months
Cost: $3 million
Opening Date: April 1984
Interesting Facts: King Cobra is the first stand-up looping coaster in America, designed specifically to transport riders in a standing position. The coaster weighs a total of 500 tons, or 1 million pounds of steel. Approximately 500 yards of concrete were used in the foundations. A total of 3,000 nuts and bolts were used.