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Paramount's Kings Island’s legendary, one-of-a-kind scream machine, The Beast , continues its dominance as one of the best wooden coasters in America. When The Beast opened on April 14, 1979, it was acclaimed America’s ultimate coaster. It broke all existing records as the longest and fastest ride in the world. It is still listed in the prestigious "Guinness Book of World Records" as the longest wooden coaster in the world.

The Beast is also unique in that it was completely designed and constructed by Kings Island personnel. The designers studied nearly every major wooden coaster in the country and incorporated the best features into The Beast.

They also designed the ride to fit the rugged terrain of 35 densely wooded acres in the Rivertown area of the park. The Beast is unlike any other coaster, since many of its thrills are hidden from view by towering trees. Consisting of 7,400 feet of track, The Beast includes a 135-foot hill at a 45-degree angle that plunges into an underground tunnel at nearly 65 miles per hour! Riders race through a 269-foot above ground tunnel and a 540-degree helix that tops off the ride during its four-minute journey.

Whether it’s your first time or your hundredth, we invite you to experience one of the most famous classic coasters in the country! Surrender yourself to The Beast!


Track Length: 7,400'
Ride Time: Three minutes, 40 seconds
Length of First Hill: 135', at a 45-degree angle
Length of Second Hill: 72', at a 32-degree angle
Length of Third Hill: 141', at an 18-degree angle
Length of First Tunnel (underground): 117' (18' underground)
Length of Second Tunnel (above ground): 235'
Length of Third Tunnel (helix, above ground): 628', a 540-degree tunnel with 1 1/2 revolutions
Fastest Speed (at bottom of 141' hill): 64.77 miles per hour
Number of Trains: Three, six cars each
Basic Material: Southern pine lumber, stained in a redwood finish -- 650,000 board feet used
Acres Covered: 35 rugged, densely wooded
Cost: $4 million
Hourly Capacity: 1,200 riders
Design and Construction: By Kings Island Construction, Maintenance & Engineering Dept. Trains built by Philadelphia Toboggan Company.
Length of Project: Three years