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Looking for a bit of Adventure? Want to get back to the jungle and do some exploring? Well, don’t miss your chance to race through lost worlds on Adventure Express at Paramount's Kings Island!

Adventure Express, a runaway mine train ride with a steel track and wooden structure first debuted in 1991 as the park’s sixth coaster. This rugged coaster, designed by Arrow Dynamics, features special effects in four tunnels including a 14-foot python, forbidden ruins, boobytraps, steaming lava, and animatronics during the 2-minute 30-second ride at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

Escape to the wild during your next visit on Adventure Express only at Paramount's Kings Island!
















    Type of Coaster: Wooden structure, steel track with four themed tunnels and two lift hills, family oriented    
    Length of Track: 2,963'    
    Height of Hills: 63' and 42'    
    Ride Time: 2 1/2 minutes    
    Speed of Ride: 35 miles per hour    
    Capacity per Train: 30 passengers    
    Number of Trains: 3    
    Hourly Capacity: 1500-1600 riders per hour    
    First Tunnel: 161' long, with snake and 14-foot python effects    
    Second Tunnel: 103' long, with boobytrap and spears effects    
    Third Tunnel: 201' long, with volcanic eruption, fog, and lighting effects    
    Fourth Tunnel: 295' long, with forbidden temple and drummers    
    Board Feet of Lumber Used: 180,000 feet    
    Location: Adventure Village    
    Cost: $4 million ($400,000 in special effects)    
    Design and Construction: Special effects by R&R Creative Amusement Design, Anaheim, California. Manufactured by Kings Island Construction, Maintenance and Engineering and Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah.