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Summer Spectacular  


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Ok right!!!   This thing isn't the highest, longest, fastest and even scariest coaster at Cedar Point, but guess what?  It's the most fun.  No, you don't get flipped upside-down, inside-out but you do giggle.  While all the other Thrill Rides put a distressed look on your face, Wildcat has your face formed in a constant grin.   Zipping around in four man cars really make it seem as though this is the fastest coaster at "The RollerCoast".  I have to let out a big laugh when I come screaming into the unloading area.  This is pure bliss!  I am not kidding...My wife and I finally discovered the joy of the Wildcat and you will too.



Track Length: 1,837 feet
Height: 50 feet
Overall Dimensions: 215 feet long, 72 feet wide
Structure: Metal track in an overlapping and interlocking figure-eight configuration
Features: The four-passenger cars speed through a continuous series of hills and tight curves
Time: Approximately 1 minute, 25 seconds
Speed: Speed varies throughout the ride
Coaches: Seven four-passenger cars
Ride Capacity: Approximately 900 riders per hour
Ride Manufacture: Anton Schwarzkopf Company, West Germany