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Bolliger & Mabillard (B & M), Monthey, Switzerland


$11.5 million ride project


What can you say about Bolliger and Mabillard? The Swiss duo did it again. B&M have been putting together quite an arsenal since its early days, what 8, 9 years ago (1989). Batman the Ride (BTR) at Six Flags, NJ was the first suspended coaster I ever rode. Just looking at it sent shivers down my spine…in a good way! I rode it for the first time in 1994 and what a pleasure. BTR will always have a place in my heart but alas, something usually always comes along that’s better. A new thing, longer, faster, higher more elements, well Raptor is it. It's not the longest inverted coaster, it's not the highest and it doesn't have as many inversions as the rest of B&M's newest brigade but I think it's even better than Montu, here's why:

Raptor seems quicker, Montu seems to just glide along.

Tighter turns, Montu has too many portions of straight track.

Although Montu is rated faster, higher and longer… it just doesn't give that, how should I say, Vertigo Experience that Raptor provides. As you enter the front gate at Cedar Point, Raptor rises majestically over the Midway. If you are not a proponent of coasters, then one look at Raptor will leave you green. Raptor is actually adorned in a two-tone green color scheme with a little purple and yellow thrown in. A nice element that highlights Raptor is the cobra roll at the far end. This element will shatter your equilibrium, turn your legs into over done pasta and have you stagger out of the loading/exit station only to find your balance again as you find the intestinal fortitude to ride it again, and again.

Raptor is just one of the reasons we travel so far to the Coaster Capital of the World.



Track Length: 3,790 feet
Lift Height: 137 feet
Vertical Drop: 119 feet
Angle of Descent: 45 degrees
Vertical Loop Height: 100 feet
Model: Inverted, outside-looping coaster
Structure: Steel tubular track supported by 300 steel columns
Special Features: Six upside-down turns, one vertical loop, two inverted corkscrews, a zero-gravity roll and a new design element called a "cobra roll" that turns riders upside down twice.
Time: Approximately 2 minutes, 16 seconds
Speed: Approximately 57 mph
Ride Capacity: Approximately 1,800 riders per hour
Coaches: Eight rows of passengers seated four-across Three 32-passenger trains
Single ski lift-style seating with shoulder harnesses and lap belts