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Miles, that's right.  I came from miles to get here and some people have it so lucky.  I live in the historical part of the country where statues excite even the hardest to please.  Massachusetts, although beautiful, has nothing on Ohio when it comes to thrills.  OK, Jaws was close!

Anything to do with Cedar Point has always been a favorite query at many thrill-web-site search engines.  Rumors about Cedar Point are a commodity, and whoever has dirt on Cedar Point owns our attention.  I first heard of Millennium Force at  Screamscape.  Known for its reliable rumor page, I blame them for making my winter so long.  After learning about MF, time just seemed to crawl until opening day.

Well, the construction is over and the elevator lift system has been turned on...

"Time to Ride". 


I'll get right to it...  Millennium Force has been worth waiting for.

Below, pictures say 1000 words.




More Millennium photos soon.