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When I think of Mean Streak and what it stands for, I think of "The Good Son" or "Halloween (Michael Myers)" you know, troubled boys.

Well, boy o boy, the Mean Streak at Cedar Point is aptly named. This coaster is great. 1.7 million board feet of wood were used to create this monster.  That's a lot of lumber!

In the fall (90), winter (90-91) and spring (91) the Dinn Corporation out of Cincinnati, Ohio created a masterpiece.

I can't even fathom trying to build something like this. I couldn't even take five Popsicle sticks and make a boomerang for heavens sake.

Riders must make their way to the loading station by walking under this beast.  As you do walk through the maze of wood take a look above you and try and see daylight.   It is almost impossible.

There is so much wood on this baby.  The track crosses over itself nine times. Can you imagine? Nine! A 161-foot lift hill and a 52-degree drop make this wood coaster the best.

The coaster is located at the furthermost point on Cedar Point and has a spectacular vantage point of Sandusky Bay, Kelley's Island and Marblehead Point.

Mean Streak's track is longer than a mile, 5,427 feet to be exact. Backseat is needed for this one as you get plenty of airtime during its trip up and down 12 hills and valleys. This is one mean streak that I am excited about..