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Out of the 1st element


1996 Cedar Point saw the addition of yet another record breaking coaster.  Mantis debuted as the tallest, fastest and steepest of the Stand-Up coaster genre.  Blue, Red and yellow tracks fill Ohio's skies, oh yea, screams as well.  Four weird inversions coupled with six elements have riders preying while standing up. At $12 million, Mantis is by far the best investment in recent years for Cedar Point.
Originally named "Banshee" for the female spirit that presage (to foretell) a death in the family by wailing outside the house.  I tell you what, this "PC" junk has gone too far.  The staff at Cedar Point believed that this title would offend patrons.  You know what?  The name Mantis offends me.  Mantis, I don’t get it?  Do preying mantis stand, scream, hover, twist, drop, zoom?  No!   Well this ride does and then some!  My intent is to talk about the ride, not the name, sorry.
One must cross a moat, so-to-speak, to get to the loading station as it is positioned above a portion of the lagoon. The insect crosses over the water weaving in and out of itself many times.  Mantis looks, feels and sounds like no other ride I've been on.  I could spend my whole day here riding it again and again.  My favorite ride?  Too many to choose from, but if I had to cast a vote, the Mantis lever would be pulled.  I love Mantis, I don’t like the name, but hey, "What's in a Name"?
Entrance Snake River Falls Twisted Mess
Immelman A Magnum Background First Dive High above in P.T.
The View Into the dive
Behind the Insect Vertigo Entrance Train Crossing
Immelman Prep. The Mantis Fountain High Above Behind the scenes
The lift hill 1st loop Angled Dive The Immelman  
All aboard! Into the loop 1st Drop Across from the station  
Sandusky Bay Into the 1st loop Mantis' habitat Helix  


Lift Height:

145 feet Track Length: 3,900 feet

Vertical Drop:

137 feet Time: Approximately 2 minutes, 40 seconds

Angle of Descent:

52 degrees Speed: Approximately 60 mph

Vertical Loop Height:

119 feet Ride Capacity: Approximately 1,800 riders per hour
Structure: Steel tubular track supported by steel columns
Coaches: Eight rows of passengers standing four-across Three 32-passenger trains
Design: Single ergonomically adjustable pillars with shoulder harnesses
Investment: $12 million, the most expensive single ride investment in Cedar Point history
Ride Designer: Bolliger & Mabillard (B & M),  Monthey, Switzerland