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1st Drop Gemini The Magnum
Support Structures Soak City Space Spiral
1st Drop Return to Base 2nd Drop Helix Rear of Magnum
Wood & Steel Korn Krowd Challenge Park The Helix Into the Heavens
1st Drop Soak City Tunnel 1st Drop Picture Perfect

The PinacleThe Harry Callahan of coasters.  This coaster is a force to be reckoned with.  Made by Arrow Dynamics of Clearfield, Utah.  At 205 feet with speeds in access of 70 mph, Magnum XL-200 is one hyper coaster.  The positioning of this coaster relative to Lake Erie is just the best.   It makes my day.  As you climb up the lift hill you should take a look around.  Look right, look left.  See the sites because in just a few short seconds you will be over the top and sensory overload will kick in.  This feeling is common with skydivers as mind and body can't register all emotions fast enough and sometimes it can launch you into a coma for a split second.  This is the feeling I was looking for, I love it. Magnum is positioned, facing north, so that you can see most of Lake Erie and just make out the coast of Canada.   The second drop throws you down towards the breaking surf only to find yourself pinned to the back of the car as you enter the pretzel helix.  Positive G's are exerted as like never before.  With wind in your hair and facial skin pulled back taught, I believe that this is the moment you've waited for.  Although Magnum is tall, this structure looks as sound as Ayers Rock in Australia (largest rock in the world).  No matter how often you ride this coaster it will always surprise you.

Track Length: Lift Height: Vertical Drop: Second Hill Height: Third Hill Height:
5,106 feet 205 feet 195 feet 157 feet 80 feet
Time: Speed: Investment: Ride Capacity:

Approximately two  minutes.

72 mph $8 million Approximately 2,000 riders per hour.
Model: Structure: Coaches: Design:
Out and back coaster. Steel tubular track. Six six-passenger coaches on each train.  Three 36-passenger trains. Fiberglass coaches with lap bar and nylon wheels.
Features: Ride Manufacturer:
First hill drop of 60 degrees is one of the steepest in the world. Arrow Dynamics,
Clearfield, Utah.