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The Iron Dragon is a first generation of the so-called suspended coasters.  Arrow Dynamics, makers of Magnum, Gemini, Corkscrew and C.P. Mine Ride to name a few created a "bucket" type of coaster where the track is above the riders as they sit in a car.  This type of coaster resembles a gondola where as the inverted coasters (Raptor, Alpengiest, and Montu) resemble ski lifts.  I personally like the Inverted type, but Iron Dragon is yet another coaster in the 14 Coaster Catalog at Cedar Point that has its own personality.  ID flies over the lagoon shared by two other Cedar Point coasters.  Nellie, as I call it, dives close to the surface through the fog gliding like a pterodactyl through the brush back to the loading station. Iron Dragon debuted at Cedar Point in 1987, fortunately wood coaster never go out of style, but it looks like suspended coasters might go way of the dinosaurs.  But hey, It's a different coaster and variety is the spice of life.

Track Length: 2,800 feet
Lift Heights: 76 feet and 62 feet


Model: Suspended coaster with individual four-passenger cars
Structure: Steel tubular track supported by 137 columns
Special Features: Shoulder harnesses secure riders


Time: Approximately 2 minutes
Speed: 35-40 mph


Coaches: Three 28-passenger trains. Each train consists of seven four- passenger cars
RIDE CAPACITY: Approximately 2,000 riders per hour




RIDE MANUFACTURER: Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah