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Quite a Shell Double Trouble Magnum's View
At the Station Facing the Point Rip Cord
The Midway From the Camp Grounds The Back Parking Lot

600,000 board feet? WOW!  This coaster is surrounded by Washington and Oregon western fir, which hides the dual steel track.  Gemini is named for the astrological sign of the twins.  This dueling sibling is the best racing coaster I have ever been on, and I've been on quite a few.  The queuing lines are the only drag here.  Too many people are forced into the station making it difficult to get your preferred seat. Half way through the line you are given a choice, front or back.  Well in the loading station it all gets thrown back together again.  I don't know, I guess I'm being anal. I have no patience.  For instance: What is the deal with everyone hanging out at the Yogurt section at your super market.  Yogurt is Yogurt and if you're buying it, don’t you know your brand?  It hasn't changed in a decade, "Get in-get out."   This queuing line just reminds me of the Yogurt section. OK, back to Gemini.   This figure eight style track is very smooth but provides a lot of air time and quick turns.  It's just plain fun.  Oh, your thinking, Millennium, Magnum, Mantis, Raptor, right?  Stand in line for this one and I promise you will not be sorry.  The first drop alone will surprise you. As you climb the lift hill, get into the team spirit and cheer on your coaster.  Chatter of "Go Blue and Go Red" can be heard all the way down to the bottom.  This provides a healthy atmosphere as you do battle with the opposite riders. 

Gemini is twice the fun!

Track Length: 3,935 feet
Lift Height: 125 feet, 4 inches
Angle of Descent: 55 degrees
Vertical Drop: 118 feet
Overall Dimensions: 900 feet long, 280 feet wide, on 6 acres
Model: Racing roller coaster with twin parallel tracks
Structure: Wooden structure in figure-eight configuration
Track Construction: Tubular steel
Time: Approximately 2 minutes, 20 seconds
Speed: 60 mph
Coaches: Five six-passenger coaches on each train
Seats: Six 30-passenger trains
Design: Modern fiberglass coaches with lap bar and nylon wheels
Wood: Western fir from Washington and Oregon
Size: Approximately 600,000 board feet
Ride Capacity: Approximately 3,300 riders per hour
Investment: $3.4 million
Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah