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They did it!   The missiles are headed straight for us.  There is no hope.  Each missile has 20 warheads aboard.  One warhead has the capacity to level New York City.   And better yet, we've been informed that a total of thirteen missiles are in-bound.   A contingency plan was set up earlier in case this would happen and you were chosen to ensure man-kind would not be wiped out.  You must temporarily leave this planet and live on the lunar surface waiting for the nuclear winter on planet Earth to pass.   Climb aboard Disaster Transport and fulfill your mission.

Have you ever watched the bobsled teams during the Winter Olympics.  Didn't you always want to try that?  Could you imagine doing it at night?  Well now is your chance.  Cedar Point has something that will satisfy your desires and its called Disaster Transport.  You see, it's just like cruising on ice, but guess what?  It's even better because you are not freezing and it is completely in the dark, I mean real darkness.  Disaster Transport (DT) is an indoor coaster that has no track.  That's right, a trough holds in the cars.   Each car has a number of wheels on the bottom, kind of like the Flintstones' car and you are propelled through baked curves, hills and valleys, and you can even feel the car swing back and forth.  The ride is for all ages, it won't give you the DT's like Mantis or Raptor but it sure is fun.  The themeing is geared around space travel.

Track Length:
1,932 feet of steel trough
Lift Height:
63 feet

Large-screen video projections, simulated lasers and more than 150 props, including two lifelike

Five transports, carrying 10 passengers each
Special Features:
Free-wheeling transports rely on gravity to determine the speed and course of the ride.

RIDE CAPACITY: Approximately 1,800 riders per hour

$4.0 million Disaster Transport special effects and construction
$3.4 million Original ride expenditure
$7.4 million Total investment

SPECIAL EFFECTS PRODUCER: ITEC Productions, Inc., Orlando, Fla.