The Spirit of '76.  Corkscrew opened in 1976 and was the first coaster to have a 360 loop and two helical elements.  Since then it has provided many smiles, about 42.2 million. Corkscrew flies over the Midway allowing patrons who cross under it like a wedding arch, so-to-speak.  Corkscrew as an exciting ride geared for junior coaster enthusiasts but for most, Corkscrew is tame.  At a cost of $1.75 million dollars it was a great investment for Cedar Point as it was able to brag about the aforementioned elements.  This coaster was the catalyst reestablishing Cedar Point as a leader in theme park business.  I have never been on the Corkscrew, but have rode similar Arrow coasters.  For my money, Corkscrew is small change.

Above in the Mantis The Midway Underpass


Track Length: 2,050 feet.
Overall Dimensions: 200 feet wide, 1,000 feet long, on 5 acres.
Lift Height: 85 feet.
Model: Corkscrew roller coaster with two helical curves and a 360-degree loop.
Structure: Steel tubular track and support beams.
Track Construction: Two 5-inch diameter pipe rails on 48-inch centers, supported horizontally by 14-inch diameter pipe.
Features: When it was constructed in 1976, the Corkscrew was the first ride with a 360-degree vertical loop and two helical curves.  Shoulder restraints hold riders securely and comfortably.  Non-riders can walk directly underneath the ride as its track spans the midway.
Time: Approximately 2 minutes
First Hill Speed: 48 mph
Eye of Corkscrew: 38 mph
COACHES: Three trains with nylon wheels.  Six four-passenger coaches on each train.
RIDE CAPACITY: Approximately 1,800 riders per hour.
INVESTMENT: $1.75 million
RIDE MANUFACTURER: Arrow Dynamics, Clearfield, Utah